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Reliable and Affordable Grease Filter Rentals and Sales

When you need grease filter rentals and sales in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware, give The Filter Man a call. We’ve been in the industry for over 45 years and have kept grease under control in hundreds of commercial kitchens, including restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and hospitals. We pride ourselves on top-notch, personalized service for all our clients.

Our grease filters are constructed of durable stainless steel in a baffle design. In fact, our filters are approved by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), so you know they’ll keep you safe.

Without good quality, well-designed and well-maintained grease filters, grease can fall back onto the grill, creating a real fire hazard with devastating consequences.

Although most people recognize the importance of proper grease filter maintenance, keeping filters clean is a time consuming process. That’s why The Filter Man offers affordable service options to schedule and clean your grease filters for you, giving staff more time for other duties.

Don’t let grease filter buildup put your restaurant or food service facility at risk.  Prevent fires, protect cooking units and keep your environment safe with quality grease filters sales and rentals from The Filter Man. Contact us today!

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